Starcatchers 10th Birthday Party


The first weekend of October saw Starcatchers reaching its 10th Birthday in perfect Starcatchers style in Platform Easterhouse. Starcatchers is a fabulous arts company which merges performance art, live music with the visual arts and early years education into truly magical experiences for pre-school children. Travelling around Scotland (and further afield- they tour globally) they bring truly accessible arts experiences to communities and families which are always worth a visit. As a mum of a music mad toddler who is also a busy bee their projects are perfect often combining music, dance and visuals with plenty for little ones to do. Their ‘Family Day’ at Platform delivered just that. Between perfomances of Starcatchers ‘The Shape of Things’ and Platform’s resident artist Holly Willoughby’s ‘Sink or Swim’ there was live music, art workshops, the Bookbug bus and of course cake. We weren’t able to stay for cake as naptime was calling but we did have a great morning and of course wherever there’s a band, there’s a Davie drummer!

Sitting drumsticks in hand edging as close to the band as possible!

Having a car it was great to just nip home in 10 minutes after a fun creative morning out- it is so vital to have events like this locally in the Eastend of Glasgow. Easterhouse is a bit of a trek to get to on public transport (even if you live relatively locally in places like Tollcross or Baillieston) which is the one downside so a lot of Parkhead families I encouraged to go felt they couldn’t make it. But this just creates a bigger incentive to make the Parkhead Residency as varied and accessible as possible- giving the wider Eastend community the opportunity to see great creative projects like Starcatchers.

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