Weave Parkhead!


It was great to see the work of Weave Parkhead! accumulated in a local gallery, providing an accessible art experience to the community who were so integral to the project. Events like these have sadly been almost non-existent in the Parkhead area so it was such a pleasure to visit this right on my doorstep on a lazy Saturday morning! No struggle to get public transport, find a babysitter or make a daytrip of it. I could just pop in, enjoy a wee chat and a coffee, and browse the artwork. Although most of the people I met that morning were linked to the project in some way I’m hopeful that over the week they had some new visitors. It is our aim that the Parkhead Residency will be able to promote and encourage similar events in the area- opening a door to artworld and revealing its many opportunities.

For more info on Weave Parkhead!  here is a link to the project’s website!

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