Pinata Heads @ ROC Cafe


For my October ROC Cafe sessions- keeping with the aim of it being about fun, mess, and harking back to the early school days of making stuff- I decided papier mache would fit the bill perfectly! There was also had the added attraction that the papier mache, floating, pinata heads would double as party decorations for the studio Open Day later in the month!

Week 1: Papier Mache

Papier mache fun (using son’s leftover first birthday balloons!) with obligatory peeling PVA off our hands like zombies (was nearly Halloween after all!)

Week 2: Painting

The young people created a great variety of ‘portrait pinatas’ from lifelike humans, scary halloween ghouls, cartoon characters and, of course, the cast of the Pixar movie Inside Out. This activity was purely for fun but in hindsight the natural way the kids linked the activity to Inside Out could be the inspiration behind a more focused workshop on emotions- something to keep up my sleeve for next time I’m asked to do a schools workshop.


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